I’m New

We’re glad you’re here!  We know that you must have some questions about RBC.  We’ve tried to anticipate a few of them in order to help you feel more comfortable during your first campus visit.  Let us know if we have missed anything.

Before You Arrive

How should I dress?  We have members who regularly wear blue jeans and others who wear suits and ties.  Your clothing is not our focus.  You are!

Know that you have been lifted in prayer. Our guests are known to God before we have the privilege to meet them. For that reason, we are praying for each future guest. That means we are praying for YOU!

Do I need to bring money? You are our guest. There are no financial expectations of you, however if you desire to worship through giving in support of the Lord’s work, we are committed to be good managers of God’s money.

As You Arrive on Sunday

If you have children, you may find it helpful to park in the lowest level parking lot, which is to the left, downhill from the entrance to the Worship Center.  We are prepared to minister to your whole family. From birth through fifth grade, your children will find a fun environment and sound instruction inside the door marked: RidgeKids. This door is located on the side of the building near the air conditioner units. Come on in!


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Though we encourage you to take advantage of our Children’s Ministries, it is not mandatory that you leave your children in our care. We want you to be comfortable with whichever decision you make.

If you do not have children, you will find convenient parking in front of the Worship Center and on the upper side as well. Just turn into the driveway nearest the red brick building and drive to the rear. Parking is plentiful and you will enter through the double doors on the side of the tan building. Greeters will assist you in finding your way around.

The Church Service

I get nervous. Will anyone speak to me? The chances are very good that our church family will greet you warmly. Whether by a handshake or a kind, genuine word of welcome, we want you to know that we value your presence.

The music is God-honoring. From hymns, to praise and worship choruses, to your favorite Christian music from the radio, you will find an upbeat mix. There is something for everyone.

God’s word is the centerpiece of worship. Our pastor will help you understand how a 2000 year old book can have such a profound affect on your life. If you have a Bible, bring it. If you don’t own one, its ok. The passages are projected on a big screen and available for you to see and read along.

Is someone going to pressure me to do something that I may not fully understand? Absolutely not. While it is our desire to see everyone come to know Jesus Christ, we understand that we each make our own decisions and this is a decision that should not be forced.

If I have questions or need further assistance will someone be available to help me? Absolutely.  Ask any of our church family to guide you to a minister or greet our pastor in the lobby following the service. Someone will be happy to help you!

More Questions?

Email or call us!
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