Parent Cue



If you have a child in RidgeKids, this App is for you. Our staff at Ridgeview is so pumped about this App we will even buy it for you! It’s only two bucks, but we believe this to be such a valuable resource that we don’t want anything to stand in between you and this valuable tool for ministering to your children.

It’s simple:

  1. Buy and Download the App to your smart phone or device now.
  2. Show one of our student ministers (Zack or Tim) the App on your device.
  3. Get $2.00 on the spot.


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Our lives are busy. As parents, we want to prioritize our children. We want to do everything we can to invest in them relationally, to guide them developmentally and to help them grow in their faith in Christ. But it’s just so easy to get caught up in the urgent day-to-day business of life.

This Parent Cue App provides you with simple CUES throughout the week that remind you to pause and make the most of everyday moments.

Every month, Parent Cue will focus on one specific virtue, or life application. You will receive prompts for videos, activities, discussion questions and more that will help you connect with your child around this one key virtue. These prompts will come in the form of Drive Time videos, Hang Time activities, and Meal Time discussion starters to help you fit them into the day-to-day moments of your routine. There’s even a section just for you called Parent Time that’s filled with parent blogs, podcasts and more.